Autobahn MovieAutobahn
Genre: Action/Thriller
Directed by: Eran Creevy
Written by: Eran Creevy, F. Scott Frazier
Starring: Nicholas Hoult, Felicity Jones, Anthony Hopkins, Ben Kingsley
Release Date: 2015

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Movie Plot:
After a heist goes terribly wrong, Casey Stein (Nicholas Hoult) finds himself on the run from a ruthless gang headed by mob boss Hagen (Anthony Hopkins). Now Casey has precious cargo that belongs to Hagen, who will stop at nothing to retrieve it. Left with no choice, Casey calls his former employer and drug smuggler Geran (Ben Kingsley) to protect his long-time girlfriend Juliette before Hagen gets his hands on her. Casey sets out on an andrenaline-fueled car chase on the German highways to save the love of his life before it’s too late.