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  • Dead Draw

    Dead Draw
    Genre: Crime/Thriller
    Directed by: Brian Klemesrud
    Written by: Brian Klemesrud
    Starring: Gil Bellows, Bitsie Tulloch, Michael Eklund, Faust Checho, Andy Ahrens
    Release Date: 2016

    Watch the movie trailer of Dead Draw below:


    Movie Plot:
    25 million dollars, 8 safety deposit boxes, and months before anyone will know it?s gone. But Harrison?s (Gil Bellows) perfect heist turns deadly when his safe-cracker, Mack (Michael Eklund), discovers their getaway pilot brutally murdered. Someone knew about the job, someone set them up. Stranded in a frozen hangar, held hostage by someone outside, loyalty turns to suspicion and friends turn to enemies. Now it?s a race against time as the band of thieves try to uncover the rat and escape their troubled pasts? if they can survive the night.



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