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  • Everything Must Go starring Will Ferrell

    Ever wondered if Will Ferrell could act? Well his lead role in the drama comedy movie Everything Must Go is likely to convince you he can. Just check out those preview clips below to get a better idea of what to expect from Will Ferrell’s performance in this film:

    Everything Must Go – My Stuff

    Everything Must Go – Baseball

    Everything Must Go – Chinese food

    Everything Must Go – Are we friends?

    Everything Must Go – Aren’t you too young to be drinking beers?

    In the movie Everything Must Go Actor Will Ferrell plays the lead role as Nick Halsey, an alcoholic who gets fired from his sales job, only to come home to find that his (unseen) wife has changed the locks and left all his belongings on the front lawn. Nick gets depressed in starts to drink alcohiol again, but swiftly accepts his fate and sets up camp out there on his La-Z-Boy, cooking on his George Foreman grill and chugging six packs of Pabst Blue Ribbon. To avoid getting arrested for loitering, he holds a yard sale that will change his life.

    The film is directed by Dan Rush based on a script by Dan Rush and Raymond Carver.


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