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  • Kane and Lynch

    Kane and Lynch MovieKane and Lynch
    Genre: Action/Thriller
    Directed by: Simon Crane
    Written by: Kyle Ward
    Starring: Bruce Willis, Jamie Foxx
    Release Date: 2011

    Watch the movie trailer of Kane and Lynch below:

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    Movie Plot:
    Kane (Bruce Willis) is a mercenary. Lynch (Jamie Foxx) is a schizophrenic with no past. They meet while being transported to Death Row. When they are attacked and kidnapped by Kane’s former team, the ill-matched duo is forced to retrieve a stolen microchip that may hold the key to Lynchs true identity. Based on the best selling Video Game.



    2 Responses sur “Kane and Lynch”

    1. Joshua

      Why would you cast a black actor to play the role of Lynch? I smell a lame movie…… BOOOOOO!!!!!!

    2. gangster

      i agree with joshua, bad casting i hope that is not the final say in who is going to play lynch. if you cant do the research on the game dont make the movie!!!!!!!!!

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