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  • Running Wild

    19 December 2016
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    Running Wild
    Genre: Drama
    Directed by: Alex Ranarivelo
    Written by: Christina Moore, Brian Rudnick
    Starring: Sharon Stone, Tommy Flanagan, Jason Lewis, Dorian Brown Pham, Tom Williamson
    Release Date: February 10, 2017

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    Movie Plot:
    The film revolves around Stella Davis,a young widow trying to save her ranch following her husband?s fatal car crash. She creates a convict rehabilitation program, working with a herd of wild horses that have wandered onto her property. She did not anticipate the greed, bureaucracy and vanity that she must overcome to heal the convicts, the horses and ultimately herself.


    American Wrestler The Wizard

    7 November 2016
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    American Wrestler The Wizard
    Genre: Drama
    Directed by: Alex Ranarivelo
    Written by: Brian Rudnick
    Starring: William Fichtner, Jon Voight, George Kosturos, Lia Marie Johnson, Ali Afshar, Gabriel Basso, Sasha Feldman
    Release Date: 2016

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    Movie Plot:
    Facing certain death on the front lines of the Iran-Iraq War, 17 year-old Ali Jahani is smuggled out of Iran and sent to live with his uncle in the small Northern California town of Petaluma. It?s 1979, the midst of the Iran hostage crisis. The front page of every newspaper has images of blindfolded hostages or Iranians burning American flags. Upon his arrival, Ali is faced with a different kind of adversity ? Racial discrimination and bullying. Ali?s uncle, Hafez, embittered from being ostracized by his community, also doesn?t want him there. He feels Ali has brought bad luck with him from Iran. Rejected by everyone, but determined to fit in and to make a new life for himself, Ali decides that joining a school sports team will make him seem ?like everyone else.? After failed tries at basketball and football, Ali impresses Coach Plyler and makes it onto the school?s floundering Wrestling team.