A Walk in the Woods

29 December 2014
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A Walk in the Woods MovieA Walk in the Woods
Genre: Adventure/Drama/Comedy
Directed by: Ken Kwapis
Written by: Bill Bryson, Michael Arndt
Starring: Robert Redford, Mary Steenburgen, Nick Nolte, Nick Offerman, Emma Thompson, Kristen Schaal
Release Date: 2015

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Movie Plot:
After spending two decades in England, Bill Bryson returns to the U.S., where he decides the best way to connect with his homeland is to hike the Appalachian Trail with one of his oldest friends.


Welcome to the Jungle

2 December 2013

Welcome to the Jungle MovieWelcome to the Jungle
Genre: Comedy/
Directed by: Rob Meltzer
Written by: Jeff Kauffmann
Starring: Jean-Calude Van Damme, Adam Brody, Rob Huebel, Kristen Schaal, Megan Boone, Dennis Haysbert
Release Date: February 07, 2014

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Movie Plot:
This laugh-out-loud comedy follows a group of unsuspecting office workers who find themselves stranded on a desert island when a corporate retreat led by unhinged former Marine Storm Rothchild (Jean-Claude van Damme) goes horribly wrong. Now Chris (Adam Brody) and his co-workers must battle nature — and each other — to survive!


Dinner For Schmucks

27 July 2010

Dinner For Schmucks MovieDinner For Schmucks
Genre: Comedy
Directed by: Jay Roach
Written by: David Guion, Michael Handelman, Francis Veber
Starring: Steve Carell, Paul Rudd, Jemaine Clement, Jeff Dunham, Bruce Greenwood, Ron Livingston, Stephanie Szostak, Lucy Davenport, Kristen Schaal
Release Date: July 30, 2010

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Movie Plot:
Dinner for Schmucks tells the story of Tim (Paul Rudd), a guy on the verge of having it all. The only thing standing between him and total career success is finding the perfect guest to bring to his boss’ annual Dinner for Extraordinary People, an event where the winner of the evening brings the most eccentric character as his guest. Enter Barry (Steve Carell), a guy with a passion for dressing mice up in tiny outfits to recreate great works of art.