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  • Ghostland

    12 February 2018
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    Genre: Horror
    Directed by: Pascal Laugier
    Written by: Pascal Laugier
    Starring: Crystal Reed, Anastasia Phillips, Mylene Farmer, Emilia Jones, Taylor Hickson
    Release Date: 2018

    Watch the movie trailer of Ghostland below:


    Movie Plot:
    Following her aunt?s death, Colleen (Mylene Farmer) and her two daughters ? the eldest, Beth (Crystal Reed), totally locked-in and shy, finds comfort in the stories she invents in the books she writes, and Vera (Anastasia Philipps), way more open and self-confident, inherit her house. However, during their first night in this new home, murderers break-in, pushing Colleen to fight to save her daughters? lives. During this highly traumatic night, the girls? disparate personalities diverge even further. Sixteen years later, Beth becomes a famous horror author with a perfect family and life in Chicago, while Vera can?t cope, and loses her mind faced to an unshakable sense of paranoia. Daughters and mother finally reunite at the house where Colleen and Vera still live. It is only then that strange events begin to take place?