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    3 April 2016
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    The Kaiser's Last Kiss MovieThe Kaiser’s Last Kiss
    Genre: Drama
    Directed by: David Leveaux
    Written by: Simon Burke, Alan Judd
    Starring: Lily James, Jai Courtney, Christopher Plummer
    Release Date: 2016

    Watch the movie trailer of The Kaiser’s Last Kiss below:

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    Movie Plot:
    Notions of duty and love of country are tested against the power of love itself. The 1940 invasion of Holland brings the Nazis face to face with their former monarch, Kaiser Wilhelm (Christopher Plummer), who was exiled to the Netherlands in 1918. In an effort to thwart the Nazis, the Dutch resistance work covertly with Winston Churchill in inserting an agent into the Kaiser’s household. A lethally dangerous love affair ignites between a German officer (Jai Courtney) and a young Jewish Dutch woman (Lily James) with consequences that neither they nor the Kaiser himself could have foreseen. As the Nazis race to identify and eliminate the agent to block the potentially disastrous defection of their former Emperor to England, the threads of history conspire with the recklessness of the heart to dumbfound them.