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Boyka Undisputed 4

Death Race 2050

Surf's Up 2 Wavemania

Detour (starring Tye Sheridan)

My Father Die


Take The 10

The Axe Murders of Villisca

The Founder

Trespass Against Us

xXx 3 Return of Xander Cage

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  • Spaceman

    Genre: Comedy/Drama
    Directed by: Brett Rapkin
    Written by: Brett Rapkin
    Starring: Josh Duhamel, Ernie Hudson, W. Earl Brown
    Release Date: August 19, 2016

    Watch the movie trailer of Spaceman below:


    Movie Plot:
    The mostly-true story of former all-star MLB pitcher Bill ?Spaceman? Lee. In the twilight of a long career as one of baseball?s all-time great eccentrics, Lee (Josh Duhamel) is cut from the Montreal Expos in 1982. Though Lee finds himself blackballed by the rest of the league for his outspoken politics (his views being ?somewhere to left of Che Guevara?) and notoriously enthusiastic drug use, he refuses to quit the game. As of 2016, he still hasn?t.



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