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  • SUM 1

    SUM 1
    Genre: Sciecne-Fiction
    Directed by: Christian Pasquariello
    Written by: Christian Pasquariello
    Starring: Iwan Rheon, Andre M. Hennicke
    Release Date: 2017

    Watch the movie trailer of SUM 1 below:

    SUM 1

    Movie Plot:
    A dark and desolate forest. Somewhere. Sometime. The Nonesuch ? eerie, overpowering alien creatures ? have forced humanity into hiding in a vast system of underground bunkers. From this underworld the survivors send young soldiers to lookout posts on the surface to protect the few remaining stragglers. S.U.M.1, a committed young man who has lived his whole life underground, reports to his 100 day-task. He enters an alien and hostile world. His mission is to guard an automatic defense circle that keeps the Nonesuch at bay. As the news report of frequent, devastating attacks, the routine military operation slowly becomes a nightmare. Isolation and paranoia begin to eat away at the young soldier?s mind. Are the Nonesuch truly hiding in the dark forest waiting to strike at any moment or is S.U.M.1 being pushed into madness?



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