The Terror of Hallow\’s Eve
Genre: Horror/Fantasy/Thriller
Directed by: Todd Tucker
Written by: Todd Tucker, Ronald L. Halvas, Zack Ward
Starring: Caleb Thomas, Sarah Lancaster, Annie Read, JT Neal, Mcabe Gregg, Niko Papastefanou, Doug Jones, Kent Kasper, Christie Nicole Chaplin, Christian Kane, Brett Stimely, Eric Roberts, Reatha Grey, Jade Warner, Jentzen Ramirez
Release Date: 2017

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Movie Plot:
Growing up is hrd and for fifteen-year-old Timmy Stevens it?s no exception. Scrawny and nerdy, he?s relentlessly tormented by the town bullies. His only escape is his love of horror and the creatures he creates. A chance run-in with his tormentors in a convenience store parking lot on Halloween leaves Timmy brutally beaten. Walking home he stumbles upon a mysterious pumpkin. Despondent from the vicious attack he escapes to his private world and begins carving the pumpkin, wishing for revenge. Unknowingly, Timmy summons the Trickster, an ancient evil, who offers to grant his wish ? scare the bullies to death.